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Learn How to Extend The Life of A Mattress

How do you take care of your mattress? We all spend a good amount of time on a mattress and the dirty mattress affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, you have to maintain the condition with regular maintenance and create an environment where you can sleep comfortably.

Let’s not miss daily maintenance to extend the life of the mattress. If you want to keep your mattress clean to use them for a long time, we recommend some ways to maintain them.

Extend The Life of The Mattress

4 Ways to Maintain and Extend The Life of Mattress

Use Mattress Protector

Using a mattress protector is the simplest way to protect them. It is quite common for all to remove the protector as soon as they get the mattress. This is the worst decision you will ever make. It can be a game-changer to keep the mattress neat and clean. An accident may happen like water glass may slip from your hand, etc. A good and high-quality protector is waterproof. It helps protect from liquid, oil, and any type of fluids. Mattress protector saves damage to inside things.

Wash Covers And Sheets Regularly

Regularly washing mattress covers and sheets will prevent the growth of germs. It is the same as washing your clothes. As it is important to change and wash clothes, it is essential for a mattress too.

If you don’t wash the mattress covers and sheets for a long time, your body’s sweat and dead skin will tend to leave fungus and germs on it. As a result, mites will occur. It’s good to wash sheets and covers once a week to prevent the mattress from mites and germs. It will definitely improve hygiene and make them last longer.

Flip The Mattress Frequently

The most mattress is designed to use from both sides. Use the mattress from both sides. By flipping the mattress at a pace of about once every three months, you can surely increase the lifespan of your mattress. The bodyweight will be applied only in the same direction If you use a mattress in the same direction every day, it may shorten its life of it. You should adjust the burden and deterioration of a specific place by flipping and rotating it. This rotation will definitely extend the life of the mattress.

Regularly Dry And Replace Air

Sweat is steadily absorbed by the mattress during the rainy season and summer nights. Leaving it in a damp condition may cause deterioration and it is unsanitary. You should vacuum it in the sun. Let it dry in the sun to release the inhaled moisture. Doing so will make your mattress mould-free and hygienic! You can prevent a build-up of sweat, dust mites, and allergens, and many more.

You should sun dry it after summer and the rainy season. Twice a year will be the perfect maintenance of your mattress. Remember sun-drying is not recommended for some mattresses. It is important to check the instructions for this and to dry it according to the mattress.

Appoint A Mattress Cleaning Expert to Extend The Life of The Mattress

Mattress cleaning may be hectic for you because they are heavy. You can go with an alternative, you can hire local mattress cleaners in Sydney. They are professional in their work and can guide you better also. It is just about twice a year. Micks Mattress Cleaning Sydney is a company that can help you. They are good at their work with good feedback. Give us a try and use a comfortable mattress for quality sleep. Just give us a call for the best and most professional mattress cleaning in Sydney.

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