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How To Keep A Mattress Clean And Odour-Free

Washing and cleaning the bed or mattress covering is your weekly chore. As for mattresses, they are left to be done later. However, mattresses are to be cleaned and maintained just like the bed covers. It is also necessary for various reasons. You can prolong your mattress life and it will be beneficial for your health too. When you are asleep, your body releases waste products through sweat and oil and also shed dead skin cells. All this waste gets absorbed by your mattress. The moisture and dust absorbed are the reason for fungal growth. It is also the perfect environment for bed bugs, mites, mould and several allergens. Now here you’ll get to know how to keep a mattress clean and odour-free.

Ways To Keep Your Mattress Clean And Odour Free

Dust mites and bed bugs can be a nuisance for you. If they find suitable conditions then they start breeding and form colonies in your mattresses. Now removing them can be much more difficult and will ultimately lead you to change your mattress. Mattresses are invariably expensive so it’s better to maintain them rather than spend a fortune to buy a new one. Now to answer your question ‘how to keep a mattress clean and odour-free?

Try Vacuuming

Before jumping to directly vacuum your mattress, make sure that the vacuum doesn’t have waste residue on it from the previous cleaning. Clean the vacuum with any detergent and water before using it on your mattress. Use the clean upholstery attachment on the surface, sides and underside of your mattress. This will suck out all the germs and dirt on the superficial surface. You can add this method to the list while you’re vacuuming other parts of your house.

Water Plus Vinegar Trick

This method is mainly used for odour removal. The basic nature of vinegar neutralises the foul smell coming off of your mattress. Mixing vinegar with water makes a natural deodorant. Spray the mixture directly onto the mattress and let it absorb the solution properly. Leave it for a couple of minutes and let it air dry. Switch on the fans and open your window so that it dries faster. Repeat this method on the other side of the mattress too. 

This is an eco-friendly way unlike using chemical-based products which can be harmful to you and your mattress. Some mattresses can be sensitive to the chemicals present in the products which will ruin their texture and fabric. So, trying on a DIY homemade hack is a reliable option.

Regular Deodorising

Deodorising just once does not do the trick. This has to be done regularly or the smell will return. As the method mentioned above is a natural way of eradicating odour it’s not as effective if you do this once or twice. 

Cornstarch Hack

Cornstarch is known to absorb your body oils and remove any other odour-causing stuff. This can be found in your pantry hence a convenient way of odour removal. Mix cornstarch with baking powder. Sprinkle this mixture over your mattress and leave it for a day. This is a time-consuming method but effective. Vacuum the remains and now your mattress is odour free. 

Try Baking Soda

Another eco-friendly way of getting rid of the odour. Baking soda is also an organic deodorizer like vinegar and cornstarch. Using baking soda for odour removal is similar to that of the cornstarch method. Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress and pillows and let it sit for 30 minutes. You can leave it overnight too. The longer you wait the better the results are. Also, make sure to expose your mattress to enough sunlight. Sunlight naturally kills any form of bacteria growing on your mattress which is the source of the odour.

Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can enhance the way your mattress smells by ten folds. Mix 10 to 15 drops of any essential oil of your choice with water. Pour this into a spray bottle and spray it all over your mattress. Don’t overdo it by spraying too much and making the mattress damp. Your mattress will smell great for a longer period with this method. If the smell starts to fade away, repeat the same process. 

Regular Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning your mattress once isn’t going to keep it neat and clean for an eternity. You have to clean and maintain it regularly. Whenever you get time or you’re deep cleaning your house then add mattress washing to it. You do not have to do this every week, once in 2 months is sufficient. Also, keep the bedding and pillows clean too. Wash them with warm water as high temperature kills any kind of germs or bacteria present on them.

Calling A Professional Cleaner

Cannot take out time for deep cleaning of your mattress? Don’t worry and call for a professional mattress cleaning service in Melbourne. Mattress cleaners are more experienced and have extreme knowledge of mattress cleaning or any other type of cleaning service the company offers. They are also a great option because they do the work on time and will answer any of your questions like how to keep a mattress clean and odour-free or what kind of process they follow. The cleaners will also advise you on how to keep your mattress maintained.


You have finished 8 ways to keep a mattress clean and odour-free and hopefully, they work out for you. Some DIY techniques are also mentioned above if you are persistent in not using any chemical-based products. Moreover, it is suggested to appoint a professional mattress cleaner to get perfectly cleaned and pleasing mattresses.

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